Over 130 years of combined team experience.

Why Leather Care?

It was the first fabric ever used for upholstery, and remains among the most popular.

Leather furniture is an image-maker. Whether it's in the executive suite, or in the rec room, it makes a statement about your aesthetic discernment.  The right leather is also extremely practical.

So Keep it Looking Beautiful
You know how soft and supple fine leather is, and what a pleasure it is to look at and feel. In order to get that look and feel, many leathers have little or no protective finish. This allows them to dry out when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Normal wear and tear and accidents can also quickly dull, stain and mar beautiful leather. Only regular professional maintenance can preserve the original qualities you so enjoy.

We are the Leather Experts
Leather is our livelihood. We have worked with leather for many years and have become the pre-eminent authority on how to help your cherished pieces stay looking good for a very long time.


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