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Hand Cleaning and Conditioning:
A thorough yet gentle cleaning process followed by the application of the finest, specially formulated conditioners.

Complete Refinishing:
Complete or partial strip of the original finish followed by the application of the
finest quality finishes available in an infinite variety of colors.

Color Changes:
Complete refinishing to match a new color preference or decorating scheme.

Repair and Spot Refinishing:
Nearly invisible repairs to worn, cut, burnt, scraped or stained leather.

Protective Treatments:
Developed to help even very sensitive leather resist staining and soiling.

Maintenance Programs:
Regular scheduled cleaning, conditioning and repair (as may be needed) of your furnishings to maintain them in prime condition and extend their useful life.

Complete or partial, often done in conjunction with refinishing to bring a piece back to nearly new condition.

A Complete System for Leather Care:
Our Leather Care System is a complete line of services designed to clean, condition, repair and protect even the most delicate leathers and finishes. A total, multifaceted program specially designed to meet your needs. This system has taken many years to develop, and will add years of life to your fine leather furniture.  Each type of leather on your furnishings and in your office or home environment is carefully examined and a complete Leather Care Program is recommended. This program is designed to maximize the life and natural beauty of your leather furniture and minimize the costs of future replacement. Our craftsmen can service your furniture at your location, or we can perform major reconditioning, refinishing and reupholstery at our facilities.

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