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Leather Care Tips

The Do's and Don'ts of Leather Care

Never clean with soaps or detergents
Soaps and detergents can cause leather's surface to break down and, in some cases, can remove color.

Never use oils or silicones
Oils may darken leather, or soften the finish, causing it to peel or wear off. Silicones can cause leather to become shiny and slippery, attract dust more readily, and make repair and refinishing nearly impossible.

Never use "home remedies"
Damages like ink stains or oil stains should be handled by a professional leather care service. Doing it yourself can cause irreversible damage.

Avoid direct sunlight
Finishes can fade and degrade more quickly when exposed to direct natural light.

Avoid extreme temperatures and heavy air flow
Placing leather furniture near heat or air conditioning vents will hasten the drying process.

Remove spills immediately
Use absorbent paper toweling or a cloth to blot up liquid spills. For grease or oil, use talcum powder or corn starch to absorb the spill. Never use water on grease or oil spills.

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